Signing up, changing your details, canceling your membership

How do I sign up?
You can sign up via this website or the nano・universe Crew Members app, and the information about signing up is available at all nano・universe Group stores. There’s no joining fee or annual membership fee. Sign up here.
I received a membership card in store. What do I do now?
You can sign up here. Once you sign up, you’ll be able to use a variety of services.
*We’re not issuing membership cards at the moment.
The receipt I got in store has my 9-digit membership number and a 4-digit PIN; what should I do with it?
You can sign up here. Once you sign up, the purchase details from your receipt will be loaded onto your account.
My e-mail address / home address has changed; what should I do?
Please log in and change your details from My Page.
Can I sign up as a member without a computer or smartphone?
To sign up as a member, you need to use our web page. We apologize for any inconvenience.
I’ve lost the receipt I was given in store with my card; what should I do?
We’ll reissue your PIN in store. Please take your card to your nearest store.
I want to cancel my membership; what should I do?
Please log in and go through the process at the Cancel Membership page.

Transferring to Crew Members

I’ve got one of the old membership cards; how do I transfer to the Crew Members program?
We’re accepting membership applications via the web and at all nano・universe Group stores. If you’d like to transfer in store, please bring your old card with you and speak to one of our retail assistants.
Can I transfer online / by phone?
Please carry out the online transfer process here. However, you’ll need the membership number from your old membership card and confirmation of your identity.
If you weren’t able to carry out the transfer process online,
please visit your nearest nano・universe store or contact our Customer Service team.
I want to transfer to the Crew Members program, but there’s no nano・universe store nearby; what should I do?
You can transfer to Crew Members not only in store, but also online. Please carry out the online transfer process here.
I’ve lost my old membership card; can I transfer to the Crew Members program?
If you know your membership number, you can transfer online. Please authenticate your old membership card via the transfer page.
If you don’t know your membership number, please sign up as a new member here. We apologize for any inconvenience.
What happens to the points accumulated on my old membership card?
Please transfer to Crew Members first. Once you’ve completed the transfer process, the points from your old membership card will be transferred to your Crew Members account.
I forgot I had one of the old membership cards and signed up for Crew Members. Can I transfer my points?
Transfers from the previous system can be dealt with in store or by our Customer Service team. Please ensure you have your old membership card to hand when you inquire about this.
Please note that the transfer of points is not instantaneous.
Is there a deadline for transferring from the old membership card to the Crew Members program?
There’s no deadline for transferring, but your points will expire on the last day of February 2016, so we recommend that you transfer before that date.
I was a member of the old online store; can I use the points that I’d accumulated?
You can use them. Please carry out the online transfer process here.
I was a member of the old online store, but I’ve forgotten my password; what should I do?
We can’t confirm passwords for the old online store.
If you’ve forgotten your old password, please confirm your identity using your date of birth and e-mail address.


Can I check how many points I have?
Yes. Please check your points balance on My Page after login.
Do my points expire?
Yes. Points expire on the last day of February each year. *The expiry date for points changed in June 2015. Further details are available here.
When do you hold members-only sales?
Crew Members are notified of dates in our e-mail newsletter. If you haven’t subscribed to the newsletter, please subscribe from My Page.
What’s the maximum point redemption rate?
Registering all of these details will give you a redemption rate of 6%. Combined with the redemption rate for your Crew Members class (between 0-3%), which varies according to your annual spend, you can receive a redemption rate of up to 9%.
How do you determine the point redemption rate?
The point redemption rate varies according to your Crew Members class and the details you have registered with us.
An additional 1% will be added to your redemption rate for each of the following details registered over and above the compulsory signup details: name / phone number / address; profile photo; height / shoe size / inseam; credit card details.
Does the total annual spend required to move up a class include items purchased at the nano・universe online store?
Yes. The total annual spend required to move up a class is the sum spent on items purchased at any nano・universe store, including the online store.
I had one of the old membership cards; what happens to my existing rank when I transfer to Crew Members?
If you had one of the old membership cards, we'll calculate your annual spend from your purchase history to determine your new Crew Members class.
From March 2015, we'll determine each year's class based on your purchase history as of March 1 that year.


What is e-mail address authentication?
Please authenticate your e-mail address, so we can confirm your identity.
Authentication is required so we can send you important information about nano・universe and details of purchases at our online store.
Please complete the process by clicking on the authentication link in the e-mail that you'll receive after signing up or go to My Page to request that the authentication e-mail be resent.
To be sure that your authentication e-mail arrives, please add the following domain to the list of trusted senders in your usual e-mail application.

【Add the domain to the list of trusted senders】
*E-mail settings for each cellphone company differ, so please contact your cellphone company directly for further details.

If you still don’t receive an e-mail after that, please contact us here.
I haven’t received an e-mail (the e-mail newsletter).
Please check that the e-mail address you signed up with hasn’t changed.
If you haven’t yet authenticated your e-mail address, please do so.
If your e-mail address has changed, please edit your profile details accordingly.
Why have I received an e-mail, even though I haven’t subscribed to the e-mail newsletter?
The e-mail newsletter is sent only to customers who’ve requested it, but we also send out important information in other e-mails.
Please note that there may be occasions when we need to send you an e-mail. We request your understanding in this matter.
I’d like to change my e-mail address; what should I do? What should I do if I want to unsubscribe from the e-mail newsletter?
You can log into the Crew Members site and change your e-mail address from My Page.
To unsubscribe from the e-mail newsletter, please change your information service setting (at the bottom of My Page) to “Do not send.”
Please note that this will reduce your point redemption rate by 1%.

contact us

Who do I contact for inquiries?
Please contact us here.